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Features & Benefits

Extended Automation for a Paperless Workplace

Download our SpooliT Enterprise ROI Case Study to learn more.

Spool File Converter

Save time and ensure accuracy with SpooliT's automated file converting. 

SpooliT is the complete information management solution for AS400 (IBM i / Series). Convert spooled files and database files to PDF, Excel, Text, Word, HTML and much more with ease.

Information Distribution

Increase productivity and see savings of more than $1,500 across your business in the first 48 hours* 

Distribute reports to customers and users in the ideal formats. With SpooliT you can share valuable reports automatically, saving you time and money.

*figure determined in provided case study

Reducing Paper Consumption

Distribute information automatically by utilising electronic formats through SpooliT. Join the hundreds of organisations utilising SpooliT to move away from paper-based documents and support their corporate social responsibility goals around sustainability.

Save Valuable Time

SpooliT enables you to automate workflows and increase productivity. Reporting tasks that had previously taken hours to complete can now be automated and distributed in seconds with our software for IBM i series AS400. 

Choose a plan for your business.

With SpooliT you can choose a plan best suited to your needs. Explore our plans below.

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