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Free Call: 1-888-Spool-i5 or 1-888-77665-45
E-Mail: sales@SpooliT.net
Web: http://www.SpooliT.net

CANADA and North America
Progressive Impact Consulting Inc.
Contact: Jim Brickwood or Hans Hossfeld
274 Hawthorne Road
London, Ontario, N5G 5N3
Phone: 519-871-3745 or 519-671-8889
Web: www.pic4erp.com
E-Mail: jimb@pic4erp.com
E-Mail: hans@pic4erp.com

South Africa
SLP - SilverLake Professionals.
Contact: Clint Pegram
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 496 1378
Fax: +27 88 11 496 1378
Cell: +27 83 679 7817
Web: www.slp.co.za
E-Mail: clint_pegram@slp.co.za

Attachmate - EMEA
Contact: Adel AlNaggar
Middle East, Turkey and Greece
Dubai: +971 50 6508224
Cairo: +20 10 5128563
Fax: +39 02 6691113
E-Mail: adelalna@Attachmate.com
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Asymex Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +61 3 9812 2534
Fax: +61 3 9812 2536
E-Mail: sales@Asymex.com
Web: http://www.SpooliT.net

Why sell Asymex software?
Because your customers need innovative software solutions that help automate, integrate and manage their business operations. ASYMEX software provides your customers with cost effective solutions for automating and integrating AS/400 and desktop computing. This leads to reductions in the total cost of ownership. ASYMEX software extends the functionality of AS400 technology, and protects organizations existing investments by providing essential functionality that is not included in desktop and AS/400 operating systems. ASYMEX software increases productivity throughout an organization. ASYMEX software enables distributors, resellers and consultancies to provide value added services to your customers. Receive fees from your customers for providing related services such as installation, setup and training for ASYMEX software. Become a member of the ASYMEX Authorized channel partner and Value added reseller program. The sooner you join the sooner you will enjoy the benefits of increased margins and profitability as you provide solutions and value added services to your customers.

For more information on becoming a reseller, please contact us at: mail@SpooliT.net
Authorized Channel Partner and Value Added Reseller Program
ASYMEX is a leading producer of client server software tools that bridge the gap between desktop computing and traditional AS/400 functionality. ASYMEX have developed enterprise tools that provide organizations with a practical and viable alternative to improve productivity, automate processes and deliver value added integrated business solutions.

All ASYMEX products are developed with the objectives of ease of use, functionality, supportability and adherence to quality design standards.

ASYMEX sells software products worldwide through its Authorized channel partners and Value added resellers who can make use of our e-commerce enabled site for software downloads and direct reseller purchasing. By partnering with ASYMEX as an Authorized channel partner or a Value added reseller, you can rest assured to have our ongoing commitment to continue the investment required to improve and further develop our products. We understand the benefit of providing cost effective, leading edge solutions that enable you to provide value added services to your customers whilst addressing customers needs. We believe in partnering with the best. Great software products when merged with the excellent partners, marketing and support services result in our joint customers receiving the best solutions to meet their business requirements, and help forge long-term valuable relationships. Your organization does not need to hold stock or pre purchase ASYMEX software. As an authorized channel partner you simply use our e-commerce site to download trial software on behalf of your customers, obtain demonstration authorization codes online and ultimately purchase software online at your discounted wholesale price for resale. We have designed the program to reduce your administration overheads and costs. Authorized channel partners and Value added resellers can receive up to 50% of the recommended retail price per sale.
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Authorized Channel Partner and Value Added Reseller Program
Why sell Asymex software?
Asymex Software Resellers
"SpooliT enabled us to take a big step towards becoming a true paperless workplace. That's good for us and good for the environment. We give them the big tick"... Nike Inc.
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