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SpooliT Server V5.1.6

SpooliT Server is a System i and PC client server application which manages System i, iSeries and AS400 spool files.

SpooliT is a rules based solution which monitors your output queues and automates report archiving, indexing and distribution.

Reports can be eMailed, Faxed, Split, Exported to users in the format they want to see (i.e. PDF, Excel, Word, Text, HTML, RTF and CSV).

SpooliT delivers a total Spool file solution for the IBM System i.

SpooliT Server includes:

  • SpooliT Automation Server - which enables you to automate report archiving, eMailing, faxing, Splitting and distribution of reports. And,
  • SpooliT Explorer - which enables you to manually archive, eMail, fax, Split and distribute reports for end-user self service.

    SpooliT Server is licensed for a single iSeries Server and unlimited Explorer PC seat licenses.

    • eMail reports in (Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV) formats.
    • Export reports into (Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV).
    • Rules based engine,
    • Automated spool file archiving,
    • Automated eMail distribution,
    • Automated export distribution,
    • Automated report splitting distribution,
    • Overlay markings (textual and graphical).
    • Multiple wizards to guide you through any type of automated rule definition.

      SpooliT Server.

    • Integrated spool file report scheduling.
    • Real-time automated rules engine
    • Automated report archiving, categorization and indexing
    • Automated spool file distribution, emailing in multiple file formats.
    • Automated spoolfile distribution, exporting in multiple file formats.
    • Define intuitive categorization & reports distribution rules.
    • Search and retrieval features to locate important archived reports.
    • Resend archive reports back to you iSeries in their original binary format with all original attributes restored.
    • Export Spool files to common windows Applications (Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV).
    • Define re-usable Excel Templates.
      eMail iSeries 400 Spool files to anyone in various formats (Word, PDF, Excel, TXT, RTF, HTML, CSV).
    • Define report splitting templates to enable reports to be split/burst into sections and automatically distributed to the required recipients.
    • Define overlay marking templates. Include any number or textual or graphical markings to enhance your existing iSeries reports.
    • Enterprise bundle includes unlimited seat license for SpooliT Server, Explorer, Browser and Viewer.

    SpooliT consists of a family of software products designed to enable your organization to download, archive, reformat spool files into PC formats, and distribute iSeries and reports electronically.

    With SpooliT turn spool file data into E-output. Email spreadsheets, Create HTML web pages from spool files, word processing documents, PDF, Excel spreadsheets, CSV data files and more.

    SpooliT includes many wizards to guide you through all the steps necessary to define any type of selection rule, distribution rule or creation of templates (excel, splitting and overlay markings). SpooliT wizards enables the definition of complex distribution rules easy to administer.

    With SpooliT Server you can stop printing reports and start saving money on paper, consumables and postage. Do all of this and more automatically and save yourself the time, errors, and the trouble of re-typing your spool file data into spreadsheets. Save valuable technical resources by never again asking I.T to manually export reports and manipulate data so then it can be imported into popular PC applications for further analysis.

    SpooliT provides an intelligent and efficient way to manage iSeries spool file reports and route them to the correct people, in the correct format, on time every time.

    SpooliT allows end users to access iSeries information and build powerful reports in Excel. Users can then create pivot tables and graph the mined data.

    With SpooliT discover how to turn your organization into a lean, clean, environmentally friendly paperless office. Many hundreds of corporations and government institutions use and trust SpooliT for their mission-critical reporting needs.

    Discover how to perform data mining direct from existing iSeries reports without the need to engineer expensive and complex EIS software solutions. With SpooliT you can easily identify mission critical data, save these definitions as templates, and most importantly reuse SpooliT templates to directly feed PC applications such as Excel.

    Imagine being able to mine data, then create graphs and pivot tables with only a few simple steps!

    Empower your users to create their own templates. Your iSeries produces the reports, SpooliT performs the black magic, your users receive information in ready usable formats for instant analysis either via E-mail or in PC application files.

    At the heart of SpooliT resides an intuitive rules based engine. Create archiving rules, create categorization rules, create distribution rules, create data mining and extraction rules.

    Dynamically monitor any number of iSeries output queues by creating automated SpooliT rules.

    Join the growing list of FORTUNE 500 companies now using SpooliT.

    Why print iT when you can SpooliT!

    Spoolit Server provides an unlimited site licence per iSeries or AS400 computer, allowing you to install any combination of SpooliT products for any number of users. SpooliT Server provides you with the ultimate product flexibility.

    Please contact us at mail@asymex.com for more information.

    Feature Summary

    • Point and click reports for "quick" export of spool files to EXCEL, WORD, RTF, PDF, HTML ,TXT and CSV.

    • Import spoolfiles into Word, Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML, RTF, TXT includes Email support

    • SpooliT includes a powerful feature to create user defined templates. An Excel Template is a set of rules that you can define about a Spool File that instructs SpooliT how to export the contents.

    • Apply complex formatting rules for parsing of difficult reports by defining SpooliT templates

    • Save formatting rules for use over and over

    • Archive and index spool files in a compressed easy searchable format

    • Archive your documents to a PC Drive, CD-ROM or another AS/400 or iSeries.

    • E-mail your documents anywhere in the world.

    • Fax your documents anywhere in the world.

    • Schedule SpooliT to perform automatic archives or any other AS/400 and iSeries jobs.

    • Extensive User Configuration.

    • Schedule SpooliT to perform automatic archives or any other System i, AS/400 and iSeries jobs.

    • Schedule SpooliT to automatically distribute AS/400 and iSeries reports to any number of intranet and internet recipients.

    • Client/Server architecture

    • Windows explorer style GUI interface

    • Communications via TCP/IP. No routers or client access is necessary.

    • All processing is performed on the PC client.

    • Written for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000,XP and Vista.

    • Supports full drag and drop functionality.

    • Manage your documents across multiple AS/400's and iSeries computers

    • Schedule SpooliT to automatically cleanup AS/400 and iSeries reports.

    • Re-print AS400 and iSeries reports that have been archived to any System i, AS400 and iSeries system into any Printer Queue.

    • All archived reports support *SCS *AFPDS, *IPDS, *UserAscii, *AFPDSLINE, *LINE spool files etc supporting all special fonts, Bar-codes, overlays and more.

    • Export spool files directly to our companies Intranet or to the Internet or a secured FTP server or DMZ!

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