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  • Saves time and resource effort in report distribution to end-users.
  • Reduces consumables expenditure (i.e. paper, ink cartridges etc) by distributing reports electronically.
  • Reduces peripherals expenditure (i.e. fewer printers are required).
  • Reduces mailing and courier costs by distributing reports electronically.
  • Reduces technical resource requirement in report distribution to pc applications (i.e. End users can download reports themselves into pc applications rather than the traditional reliance on IT departments).
  • Reduces time and resource effort required to manually archive and retrieve historical reports by providing an automated electronic archival system.
  • Reduces hardcopy document storage costs by using electronic storage.
  • Reduces requirement for pre-printed stationery such as invoice statements by allowing electronic distribution of invoices.
  • Reduces resource requirement to manually insert invoices and statements into envelopes by allowing automatic electronic distribution.
  • Increases productivity. No need to manually distrubute reports or leave your desk to get a report from a printer
  • Increases productivity by automatically delivering report data in an Excel format.
  • Increases productivity by automatically splitting large reports into sections and electronically delivering the report sections.
  • Increases productivity by enabling users to convert System i reports into an format they want including (Excel, PDF, Word, CSV, HTML, RTF, TXT)

  • View our 'SpooliT ROI Calculator' and see how quickly SpooliT pays for itself.Click Here to view.

"SpooliT: The complete AS400 iSeries Spool File and Document Management solution."

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