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Convert to CSV

SpooliT's innovative document management solution makes conversion from spool files into CSVas easy as point and click.

CSV features include:

  • Convert spool files into CSV for instant viewing.
  • Export spool files into CSV and save to a PC, Network, Intrenet, Intranet, CD or DVD in seconds
  • eMail spool files in Excel format
  • Automate distribution of spool files in a CSV format to any email recipient.
  • Define Excel templates to select specific data from complex reports and convert and format into CSV format.
  • Mine the data you really need from a report and omit the data you dont need. Export the mined data into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Also Export spool files into PDF format
  • Also Export spool files into WORDformat
  • Also Export spool files into HTML format
  • Also Export spool files into EXCEL format

    "SpooliT: The complete AS400 iSeries Spool File and Document Management solution."

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