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Convert to EXCEL

SpooliT's innovative document management solution makes conversion from spool files into EXCEL as easy as point and click.

Convert spool files into Excel in 3 easy steps.

Microsoft Excel tends to be the tool of choice for analysis of data for most PC users.iSeries users receive data in reports and spend countless hours re-keying data from reports into excel to perform analysis.

I.T. can spend time and resource building tools to extract data from tables or reports so that users can attempt to manually import data into excel. However this is not necessary. SpooliT provides you with the flexibility to select the data you want from a report and output this data into excel easily.

No programming changes are required. This is performed by creating SpooliT Excel Templates. An Excel Template is a set of rules or instructions SpooliT will use to export data from a report into Microsoft Excel.

SpooliT allows you to be selective about which sections of a report and which columns of data in the spool file you want exported to excel, and also allows you to remove unwanted rows (such as page breaks, column headings etc) automatically if required. You do not need to include all columns of data from the original report. You do not need to include the columns of data in the order that they appear in the report. SpooliT will allow you to choose only the columns you want from a report and output the required column data into any excel column.

You can include conditioning rules or simple boolean logic to extract the data you require. (For example values > $1000).

Data can be selected from different areas of the report (i.e. SpooliT calls these "Report Sections"). If a report includes many sections of data (i.e. Company, Division,State,Branch,details lines etc...) then you may choose data from any or all of these areas ("Sections").

To select columns of data from a report, SpooliT provides you with a "Canvas" of the report to work with. This report "Canvas" allows you to scan over areas of the report to define 'Sections'. Within a 'section' you can include data columns from the report by defining the columns of data required in any given "Section". Use the 'Section Wizard' to locate analyze your data and automatically create default column fields. Or, manually define columns by simply scanning over the data element you require from the report "Canvas" and this defines a rule to select a column of data. You can instruct SpooliT if the column is Text only, Date only, numeric only etc. As you identify the columns of data required in an area of the report "Section", you are creating a dynamic excel template definition that can be used as a "mask" over a report.

The excel template can be used to export into a standard Excel format or a CSV file if required.

The SpooliT Excel Template feature is a powerful form of data mining direct from your spool file data.

Users can define rules to select and/or omit data in any format they require. Furthermore, these template rules can then be linked to categorization rules and automated distribution rules where users can receive Excel spreadsheets generated from the excel template. The resultant excel spreadsheet may be exported to a folder on a PC or a network drive or even sent to an FTP server. Excel template definitions may be used and shared by many users. Excel template definitions may be saved, exported and imported by different SpooliT users that require access to a template created by another user.

Excel features include:

  • Export System i, AS400 and iSeries spool files into Excel and save to any Local or Network folders, Internet, Intranet, CD or DVD
  • eMail spool files in Excel format to any recipient
  • Use a GUI report canvas to quickly select report sections to extract into excel.
  • Automate distribution of spool files in a Excel format to any email recipient.
  • Define Excel templates to select specific data from complex reports and convert and format into Excel.
  • Mine the data you really need from a report and omit the data you dont need. Export the mined data into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Use SpooliT Excel Wizard to make Excel creation ease
  • Define simple selection rules to include report sections
  • Change fonts, colors, background colors.
  • Apply Cell formatting and editing
  • Change the order of column cells.
  • Append report sections to form a single excel row or kepp section independent
  • Apply calculations to numeric data (i.e. Sum, Count, Avg, Min, Max)
  • Correctly convert negative numbers with minus signs and CR/DR
  • Share Excel templates with other users. Import and export excel template definitions.
  • We guarantee our report to excel conversion is the easiest to use solution available
  • Report headings can be excluded or included
  • Column headings may be included or excluded per cell column
  • Totals lines may be excluded or included
  • Certain columns may excluded or included
  • Extended column data formatting support
  • Blanks lines may be excluded if required
  • Numeric values and dates can be formatted
  • Specify excel Cell to output into (override output cell or use SpooliT auto cell output)

    "SpooliT: The complete AS400 iSeries Spool File and Document Management solution."

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